Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane are the Property Hotspots of 2019, Says Expert

Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane are the Property Hotspots of 2019, Says Expert

by Bianca Dabu | January 18, 2019 | 1 minute read

Suburbanite’s Anna Porter said that Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane tops her list of property markets to watch in 2019 due to the great demand for dwelling across their property markets as well as the relative affordability of real estate.

While Adelaide offers affordable properties near the city centre, Canberra currently enjoys great demand across its rental market.

“They are at the right stage of the cycle. They will continue to grow because there’s strength there,” Ms Porter highlighted.

On the other hand, while Brisbane’s growth is expected to be slower, the large amount of new infrastructure to be built across the capital city is ultimately expected to improve the property market.


Brisbane, unlike Canberra and Adelaide, will experience a bit of a slower burn this year, Ms Porter said.

The major projects set to be laid out in the next few years are expected to allow the capital city’s property market to grow moving forward.

“We’re talking Brisbane metro, within 25 minutes of the CBD. There’s projects coming, such as the Herston Quarter and the Queen’s Wharf. Most of these are three- to five-year plans so it’s going to be a slower burn.”

However slow the growth will be, the property expert won’t discourage investors to get into the Brisbane market as early as now, particularly in areas far from the flood zone, around 25 minutes from the central business district.

Free-standing houses will be the ‘recipe’ to success, according to her, as the unit market is currently oversupplied.

“It’s almost as simple as baking a cake, that one, but you’ve got to be able to understand how to look for the properties that are outside of flood zones because flood-prone areas can give you lending issues and insurance issues.”

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