Bray Park & Lawnton Growth And Average Price Appeal to First Home Buyers

With Average Sales under $450,000, Bray Park and Lawnton offer a good entry level opportunity for First Home Buyers. The affordability of these suburbs is reflected in the overall growth in pricing that both suburbs have been enjoying the past few years as evident on the graph below.

Bray Park is in a fortunate position. Its close location to Brisbane and the highway heading north and south make Bray Park an attractive suburb to live in. Over the last 12 months Bray Park growth has been exceptional.

Property Trends Bray Park

Bray Park has been a sleeper suburb for some time. Suburbs around it, for example Warner with newer homes, has taken a hold of the lime light. With Warner almost built out and prices higher in the suburb than Bray Park, opens Bray Park as a suburb with opportunity for growth in prices. 

In one graph we have, Bray Park grew over $50,000 in 2018 to the low $400’s. If the political climate stays stable and immigration continues to grow at the current pace, prices in Bray Park could be the beneficiary as demand from buyers will still be there. 

What buyers are looking for

Buyers are still looking for value for money and Bray Park is offering it. The only drawback is that the train station, while close, is not close enough for a lot of houses. The homes are of excellent standard, in most cases, with shopping facilities nearby and there is a large array of schools both private and public within a short distance. The northern end of the suburb also boasts extensive sporting facilities. Bray Park is almost the perfect suburb for a family to reside in, both with price and its proximity to the city.

Bray Park Property – 12 month forecast

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